Revolving around THE BAY’s Generation Y, it’s a life or death situation when the younger residents of Bay City dare venture into the wrong side of town. Featuring THE BAY’s KRISTOS ANDREWS (Peter Garrett), JADE HARLOW (Lianna Ramos), MARTHA MADISON (Marly Nelson-Foster), IGNACIO SERRICCHIO (Manny Ramos), TAYLOR STANLEY (Zoey Johnson) and DERRELL WHITT (Will Campbell), DARKSIDE OF THE BAY scorches the screen when Lianna, in her quest for another fix, stumbles into a situation too hot to handle. Will comes to her rescue, putting his own life in jeopardy in the process. As he searches for his missing mother and brother, Peter faces those intent on serving their own brand of justice. Zoey dares to face the unthinkable after summoning Marly and Manny’s help. In the aftermath of all the chaos, Manny attempts to pick up the pieces of Marly’s shattered heart. Reeking havoc in Bay City’s back alleys are SCOTT BAILEY as the persistent and cold-hearted reporter, Nathan Perkins; BRIAN GASKILL as Chase Walker, the arrogant thug who enjoys his job a bit too much; and TERRI IVENS as the sultry and knife-wielding call girl, Orchid. CELESTE FIANNA returns as Tamara Garrett, a member of the Garrett family who harbors her own dark and seedy secrets. Making his debut in the first act, RIB HILLIS guests stars as a scantly-clad Matthew Johnson who offers Lianna fair warning for what she is about to get herself into. MASSI FURLAN guest stars as Anton, a goon determined to exact deadly revenge on Peter Garrett for a murder he didn’t commit.

Faster-paced story-telling, cutting-edge cinematography and digitally enhanced sound, the new and improved Season 2 of THE BAY, premiered on Oct. 27, 2011 with a mid-season finale occurring on Dec. 29, 2011 and returning again on April 26, 2012. With her youngest son missing, her other harboring dark and dangerous secrets, and a cynical daughter judging her every move, Sara Garrett (MARY BETH EVANS) struggles to keep her family together in Season Two of the Emmy Nominated Series THE BAY. Life grows more complicated when her three-times husband, Lee Nelson (PAUL SATTERFIELD) returns to Bay City. Old wounds are reopened as Lee and Commissioner Lex Martin (TRISTAN ROGERS), Sara’s former lover, clash. As a joyous occasion turns tragic, Brian Nelson (DYLAN BRUCE) is left to face the consequences of his past, while his fiancée, Zoey Johnson (TAYLOR STANLEY) is faced with the unthinkable. A bitter Peter Garrett (KRISTOS ANDREWS) finally returns home, as his sister, Marly Nelson-Foster (MARTHA MADISON) learns a bitter truth. Lives begin to unravel as secrets are revealed, leaving unanswered questions and broken dreams in their wake. Written and directed by Gregori J. Martin.