________________________  CHAPTER 10


  I. Lianna Ramos stumbles into a situation too hot to handle, as Will Campbell finds trouble when he follows. Continuing his search, Peter Garrett faces someone intent on serving their own brand of justice! WATCH >                                                                                                                                                                                           






II. Tension runs high when spicy call girl Orchid has questionable intentions for a determined Peter Garrett. Will Campbell does some quick thinking as Lianna Ramos shares a private moment with Matthew Johnson. Pesky reporter Nathan Perkins finds trouble with fellow reporter Zoey Johnson, while bad guy Chase Walker raises questions of his own! WATCH >    





  III. Introductions are in order when Lianna and Will are confronted by a skeptical Chase. Zoey gets the scoop from her snarky colleague Nathan Perkins. Peter dares to step up as Tamara and call girl Orchid take opposing sides, just as bad guy Anton takes action! WATCH > 






  IV. Lianna and Will contemplate their next step. Manny encourages Marly as Zoey deals with her story-hungry colleague, Nathan Perkins. Tamara witnesses the unthinkable when bad guys Kudjo and Anton go bat crazy on Peter, all while an enraged Chase makes a startling discovery! WATCH > 




  V. Will Lianna and Will escape the maniacal Chase Walker? Can the infamous Al mo'aalege, Dr. Kevin Hourani convince Det. Mackenzie Johnson and Officer Steele that things are not as they seem? Manny and Marly steer straight into trouble as Peter deals with the law. Zoey offers a soft shoulder when Nathan delivers the unexpected news! WATCH >