___________________________  CHAPTER 6


 I. Sara rushes outside to see the Mayor’s wife, Sofia, in the midst of planning Brian and Zoey’s wedding. Zoey greets her dad. Mack thanks Will for finding Vivian. Mack encounters Christine in the hall. Vivian asks Will about Pete. Janice surprises her brother, Manny Ramos, and his lover, Marly, with a visit. Lex arrives just as Lee is about to tell Sara something important. WATCH >


  II. Marly hides as Janice tells Manny that Lianna wants to know about her father, spilling the secret to Marly. Lex and Lee exchange barbs about Lex and Sara‘s affair. Mack is happy to see that Vivian is awake. Brian become enraged when Zoey demands he call off the wedding. WATCH >                  




  III. Harold comforts his daughter just before Mack calls to tell her that Vivian is awake. At Manny's, Marly confronts him about what she overheard . Lianna goes to see the doctor who hooks her up with mysterious pills. Sara makes a call to try and find Peter when he unexpectedly arrives home. WATCH >


___________________________  CHAPTER 7


  IV. Keith asks Will if he loves Vivian. Mack asks Vivian if she remembers the accident. When Mack leaves, Colleen tearfully steps into Vivian's room. Peter tells Sara he realizes this is his home as Lex listens in. Lee asks Brian about Isabella when Zoey calls and agrees to the wedding. Harold dotes over his daughter. WATCH >




  I. Lee remembers standing on the dock and telling Sara he can't stay in Bay City. Mayor Madison discusses Isabella’s rape and disappearance with Capt. Elliot. A drugged Lianna tries to seduce a still-amnesiac Peter until Marly arrives. After Harold leaves, Zoey is surprised by Igor. WATCH >



  II. Marly insists Lianna leave, but Lianna demands to see her father. Elliot tells the Jack he doesn't want to be in the middle of his vendetta against Lex. Jack loses his train of thought until his wife calls. Sara happily tells Lee that Peter is home when Lee gets a mysterious call. Holding an explosive, Steve Jensen hovers over Isabella. WATCH >


    III. With Marly, Peter, Tony, and Lex standing by, Lianna finally leaves the wedding site. Peter asks Sara why she told him Claire had committed suicide. Tony steps down and Peter becomes Brian‘s best man while, back at Zoey’s, Igor hands her photos of Brian and Isabella having sex. WATCH >

___________________________  CHAPTER 8

  IV. Marly is jealous to see Manny with her cousin Tamara. Mack joins Keith and Will. Jack insists on sitting close to Sara. Sara remembers her and Lee’s last wedding. As the bride walks the aisle, Lee approaches the abandoned building as Lianna tries to approach him. Brian lifts to veil to find Igor. Lianna watches in disbelief as the building Lee entered explodes. WATCH >



  I. Brian punches Igor, who then gloats that he showed Zoey the photos. Zoey drives away with Harold. Lianna reports what she saw, as Janice gets drunk at the bar. Father Leone arrives, as does Christine, who Michael the bartender called to take Janice home. Steve Jensen saunters into the bar. Lex tells the Garretts about the explosion. WATCH >



  II. Marly finds a note from Tony telling her he’s taken R.J. to Raleigh and wants a divorce. Brian makes plans to flee to Dubai. Reporters swarm around as Lex asks Sara about the explosion. Peter checks into the Bay Shores Hotel under Brian's name. Peter’s use of Brian's credit card tips off a mystery woman who seems to be tracking him. WATCH >



  III. After driving her home, Christine gives Janice shady advice. After Janice collapses on the couch, Lianna tells her about the explosion, and that Lee is dead. Peter gets a visit from the scantly clad mystery woman, Gem. Mack calls Lex and tells him one of the bodies is Isabella, and that Lee was seen entering the building. WATCH >



  IV. Lex decides to keep the news about Lee from Sara. Heartbroken, Marly runs to see Manny. Gem ties Peter up, and pulls out a gun demanding to know where her daughter is. Mack goes to Elliot's home to tell him about Isabella. When Elliot demands proof that his daughter is dead, Mack shows him pictures. Elliot is devastated. WATCH






___________________________  CHAPTER 9


  I. Mortimer, the butler, speculates the blackout is weather related. Sara sees someone peeking through the window. Gem discovers Peter is not Brian and leaves. Hotel manager Buck Stanton unties him and Peter flees. Brian continues packing when Steve Jensen appears. Steve tells Brian he knows about Isabella, hands him fake passports, and says they'll see each other again soon. WATCH >



  II. Young Sara Garrett has been kidnapped by Steve Jensen, who shoots at her when she tries to flee. Sara wakes from her nightmare to find Peter back home looking for Brian. Kenneth tells Jack and Sofia that the second body is believed to be Lee Nelson. Sofia complains when Jack plans to rush to Sara. Will and Vivian are reading the newspaper when Zoey arrives. WATCH >          




  III. Mack relieves Officer Steele and thanks Igor for keeping Zoey from marrying Brian. Sara opens the door to Nathan Perkins who asks her about Lee’s death. Lex arrives. throws Nathan off the property and attempts to comfort Sara. Igor tells Mack that Isabella was a prostitute. Mortimer delivers a letter to Sara telling her Lee is alive. WATCH >








  IV. Mortimer tells Jack that Sara left to meet Lee at the pier and shows him the letter. In bed, Manny attempts to comfort Marly. Igor tells Mack that Isabella worked for a doctor of Middle Eastern descent, one who gave him drugs to use on Brian. Peter looks for Brian. Elliott is told his wife has come to visit. On Lee‘s boat, Sara screams when surprised by Steve Jensen. Peter and Jack go to the boat and realize something has gone wrong.  WATCH >