___________________________  CHAPTER 1


 I. Friends and family gather at the engagement party of Brian Garrett Nelson and Zoey Johnson where Brian receives a disturbing phone call. Marly exchanges tense words with her mother, Sara Garrett.  Will Campbell chases after a crying Vivian Johnson when Sara’s youngest son Peter walks in with his awkward new girlfriend, Lianna Ramos. Sara suspects Peter has been drinking. WATCH >

                                          II. Sara confronts Peter while outside, Marly explains to Tony why she can’t forgive her mom yet for what she she did to them. Marly and Tony encounter Will and Vivian.  Vivian says she’s upset over Peter. In the men’s room, Mackenzie angrily quizzes Brian on why he was planning to ditch Zoey and the engagement party. WATCH >                  

    III. Vivian explains to Marly why Peter broke up withe her.  Commissioner Lex Martin supports Sara as insults are traded between Sara, Marly and Lianna.  Janice Ramos arrives and informs Sara that Lianna is her daughter. Zoey breaks up Brian and Mack's confrontation.  Vivian suggests to Will they have sex when a strange-looking man walks up looking for Brian. WATCH >

___________________________  CHAPTER 2
  IV. Janice informs Sara that she has come for her daughter Lianna, who wants to stay with Peter though Lex threatens to arrest him. The strange-looking man continues to search for Brian.  Brian sees him and tries to force him to leave, but the man opens his coat to reveal he’s strapped with explosives, threatening to blow everone up if Brian doesn’t cooperate. WATCH >


  I. Colleen Givens is babysitting R.J. when Dr. Keith Campbell arrives and alleges that she’s trying to compensate for giving up her infant daughter. Capt. Elliott Sanders is visited by his daughter, Isabella, who tells him she remembers something about her rape. Igor Chambers continues to threaten everyone before calling Brian a closet homosexual. WATCH >



  II. After attempting to throw him out, Keith invites Colleen over for dinner where his son Will and her daughter Vivian will be also.  Isabella tells her father that the rapist was wearing a blue sweater and that someone was taking pictures. At the party, Igor tells the guests that he and Brian slept together.  Peter grows increasingly agitated at being held hostage. WATCH >


    III. On his way out, Keith tells Colleen he doesn’t like being accused of using her daughter to get her into bed. At the party, Christine tries to talk to Igor, explaining that she’s a psychiatrist. Lex then makes a play for Igor, and shots ring out. At the police station, Isabella tells her father that it was not the rapist who was taking the pictures of the crime. WATCH >

___________________________  CHAPTER 3

  IV. Lex and Igor have been shot.  Mackenzie discovers the bomb Igor was wearing was a fake. Isabella arrives home to find a box on her doorstep containing a blue sweater and photos of the rape, causing her to panic. At the shooting scene, Peter hits the floor and starts to seize as Vivian and his mother rush to help him. WATCH >



  I. When Janice refuses to take Lianna to see Peter at the hospital, Lianna accuses her mother of living in Sara's shadow. Zoey confronts Brian about Igor before Capt. Sanders arrives with questions for Brian.  Clutching a knife for protection, Isabella sits terrified in her home.  Sara tries to follow Peter into the ER, but is stopped by Keith, the attending physician. WATCH >



  II. As Marly and Sara tensely wait on news about Peter, Sara tells her daughter that she blames herself.  Tony returns home and is confused by Colleen's concern over Vivian.  Keith tells Sara that Peter had a seizure and that several drugs were found in his system.  Marly calls a mysterious man and tells him Sara needs him in Bay City. WATCH >


    III. Vivian leaves when she is not allowed to see Peter.  Colleen arrives looking for Vivian.  Keith cautions Colleen about her overzealous concern in front of Mackenzie. Christine asks Mack to talk over coffee, but is turned down, prompting her to say she had nothing to do with his wife‘s death. Peter wakes up wondering where he is and who she is. WATCH >

___________________________  CHAPTER 4

  IV. Mac offends Christine by saying he never accused her of killing his wife, but wants to move on from their affair. Capt. Sanders receives a frantic call from his daughter.  Peter denies that Sara is his mother, saying his mother is Claire.  Looking for Lianna, Janice finds an open journal on her bed instead. Will finds Lianna walking by the side of the road, her arms covered in blood. WATCH >



    I. Keith questions Peter on what he remembers, and then tells Sara her son has retrograde amnesia.  Sara explains that Claire Andrews adopted Peter, but committed suicide when Sara got custody of him. Will rushes into the hospital with Lianna.  Brian forces his way into Isabella's and drags her out.  Another man walks into her house, but then takes the box and slips out when Capt. Sanders arrives. WATCH >  

  II. Sara has a nightmare about Claire Andrews, who accuses Sara of stealing her baby.  Lex is visited by Mayor Jack Madison and Press Secretary Kenneth Allen, and is told he's fired as police commissioner. Keith praises Will for helping Lianna when Mack calls looking for Vivian.  Janice learns that her daughter now knows her father isn‘t dead.  Zoey looks through Brian's things while a bound and gagged Isabella gets a visit from the mysterious Steve Jensen. WATCH >

    III. Zoey threatens Brian that she won't marry him until he answers her questions, but when Mack calls looking for Vivian, Brian slips out. Mayor Madison and Lex argue about Lex's marriage. Janice apologizes to Lianna for telling her that her father was dead, causing Lianna to order her out of the room. Brian visits Isabella, but when asked, doesn't seem to know about the mysterious man who visited her earlier. WATCH >     IV. Just as Mayor Madison offers him the job of police commissioner, Elliot is handed a mysterious note. Isabella tells Brian about the letter her earlier visitor forced her write to her father.  A frantic Will goes to Mack's house to tell him he found Vivian. Sara visits Peter, who throws her out of his room.  Peter gets dressed as Lianna watches. Upset, Sara walks out of the hospital and is met by Lee Nelson, as Janice soberly watches the two kiss from a nearby window. WATCH >